Your business doesn’t have social networks? Why not?

Did you know 1 out of every 5 minutes spent online is on social media? Social media now impacts purchasing decisions just as much as television. Starting a business or having a business and not having social media accounts is the same as having a business and not wanting anyone to know about it. If no one knows your business exists how will you gain clients and make a profit? Let Mi Gente Consulting create professional social media accounts for your business.

Are you using your personal Facebook page for your business? Don’t!

Thinking of using your personal social media accounts for your business or service? Please do not do this. There are so many tools on Facebook business pages that are not available on personal pages. You are not able to create advertisements targeted to your potential clients, guide an audience to your website, boost posts, create codes to track potential client behavior and conversions, and more!

Give your business a personality and start talking to your audiance on social media today!


Website Design

In today’s world not having a website for your business is the same as your business not existing. 


Social Media Creation

Don’t ask if you need to have a social media presence. Ask yourself what social networks are my customers using.

Digital Marketing

Gain more customers by running ads where your potential customers spend their time online (Social Media, Google, YoutTube).


Social Media Management

Engage you audiance with relavent content that adds value and engagement. 



It’s more than design, it”s branding. It is time to give your company an identity.  


Business Consulting

What problems keep you up at night? Allow us to lend a helping hand.