You have mail!

Your business keeps changing. You have new products or services and things are going very well! Except, your customers don’t know about those changes. Stay in touch with your customers with email marketing!

Customers now expect more from email. You must show that you know and respect your customers by sending the right messages at the right time. You need an email strategy for today’s expectations!

What is a drip email campaign?

The initial reach of the email can be improved by the use of email drip campaigns. Drip campaigns can be used for everything from the incorporation of new email subscribers to general awareness efforts, creating a series of digital contact points that will be sent to specific prospects on a routine basis.

Mi Gente Consulting is able to create personalized email drip campaigns that provide relevant and targeted content marketing to keep prospective customers interested in your business offerings, all designed to avoid overwhelming recipients with irrelevant, planned tracking emails careless.

Are you ready to start growing your business by implementing a drip email campaign but don’t know where to start? Mi Gente Consulting is here to help.


Website Design

In today’s world not having a website for your business is the same as your business not existing. 


Social Media Creation

Don’t ask if you need to have a social media presence. Ask yourself what social networks are my customers using.

Digital Marketing

Gain more customers by running ads where your potential customers spend their time online (Social Media, Google, YoutTube).


Social Media Management

Engage you audiance with relavent content that adds value and engagement. 



It’s more than design, it”s branding. It is time to give your company an identity.  


Business Consulting

What problems keep you up at night? Allow us to lend a helping hand.