Americans spend on average 4.5 hours a day on a desktop and about 1.5 hours on mobile devices. This equals an average of 6 hours a day to browse websites. Which means you have an average of  6 hours a day to gain your future customer’s attention. But in order to capture your customer’s attention while their eyes are on a computer screen, your business needs to have a strong online presence! Below we present an additional dozen reasons for which each company should have its own website.


Your website serves as the hub for all of your marketing efforts. Unlike other traditional forms of promotion, such as brochures, posters, advertising in the press or television, the possibilities of a website are incomparably greater. Access to such extensive information is not able to be offered by any other marketing message, which is usually limited by the time of issue or volume of text, so it is able to present only a portion of the company’s offer. With the power of the Internet now being in everyone’s hands brings small businesses the possibility of reaching clients on their own time. 


Customers now search for local businesses more than ever. Phone books or printed business catalogs are pretty much a thing of the past- if we’re looking for something, it’s usually on the web, more precisely on Google. Google is used by over 98% of people using a search engine – it simply provides high-quality results. However, in order for your business to be found on search engines, your business needs to have a presence online, which included having a website. However, it is not enough to create a website, it must be in line with Google’s guidelines, which is optimized accordingly for SEO. The position in the results, or SERPs, is influenced by over 200 factors. A well-made and optimized website will ensure a lot of interested customers who have just searched our service at Google.


Nowadays, with enormous competition in almost every industry, image and credibility play a significant role. Your future clients are checking online review about your company and who they are dealing with before making a purchasing decision. The lack of a website usually disqualifies your business from the beginning. If people searching for your product or service are unable to find your company, how would they be able to become customers? Your potential customers are choosing to become customers of companies that have a strategic website that raises its credibility and educates them. If customers are able to research what your company’s products, services, contact details, pictures, read the reviews- the trust grows significantly and the chance of them becoming your customers becomes a lot greater. 


Your website is a showcase of your company, i.e. it allows customers to contact the appropriate person or department in the company in an easy and quick way. It acts as an information point and addresses selected places. Your website can also be equipped with additional elements to improve communication, for example, contact form or chat. You want to make it extremely easy for customers to find and contact you.


Your website is your sales team that never sleeps or calls off, it is there 24/7 to present your products to future customers. This is why it is necessary to properly present your products and services and design a strategic website with the user experience in mind. In the presentation, you can add photos, descriptions, technical parameters, videos, downloadable documents such as specifications, instructions or product card. Intuitiveness, transparency and professional photos and descriptions are very important, constituting a significant element of the potential decision-making process of a potential client.


Your website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your website does not take time off, gets sick, or parties too hard to not be able to show up at work. It collects inquiries and orders from customers, provides information, allows your future customers to get to know your company, and presents the offer.


Nowadays companies from every industry have their own websites – from yours too. Check. If the customer needs your product or service, he will sooner reach and take advantage of the offer of the company owning the website than the one that does not have it. Will be able to familiarize with the offer, company history, portfolio, opinions and what is very important with contact details. Nowadays competition with competitors is often carried out on the Internet. And it’s not so much about who has a website on who has the website.


Salespeople are not able to gather the same metrics that your website can. The most popular analytical tool is Google Analytics. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can check who, when, where and how potential customers came to your website. You can integrate various marketing channels supporting and directing traffic to your site from various channels while allowing optimization and better use of advertising budgets. When a potential customer walks into your store but does not buy, you cannot track them down and keep showing images of your business to them. Well, you can but you may end up in jail. So, please do not do that. But your website can! You can implement retargeting to show ads to potential customers who looked at your website or even added products to a cart but for some reason did not make a purchase.  


A well-designed website is an irreplaceable assistant leading your customers to the right resources. Answers questions, educates, present your products and services, and allows them to place an inquiry and order. Without having a website, these duties fall on you and your employees, engaging your time, which you could use more efficiently in a different way. It also means that your potential customers have to make the effort to call or actually show up in person to find out more. Count how many hours a day you could save by having a website, devote to an interview with a potential client. It is better to devote this time to customer service, who are already after the first selection, that is, to familiarize with your offer on the company website.


Part of customer service processes can be automated via a website or an online store. Frequently repeated inquiries can be placed in the FAQ section, scheduling, orders accepted via a form or shopping cart, downloadable documents to be placed on the server, service requests to be handled online, registration of visits via the Internet. All these processes can be implemented by the web system, saving time, money, and employee resources. 

There are already almost a billion websites in the world and their number is constantly growing. From day to day, more companies set up their websites, others change them to newer ones, new, new trends such as WebVR or virtual reality sites are created. The market is constantly evolving, so the question “Why and why should you have a website?” Seems to be rhetorical. We will reply briefly: Having a website is a must!